Why your office admin can’t just bang together sellable content

Want a truth bomb? Well, we got Cherie Clonan, Director of TDP (The Digital Picnic) to talk about your social content.

We’re big fans of The Digital Picnic, their values, their direction and their approach to marketing, which I might add is on point.

So, Cherie’s here to deliver it straight on why it’s important to get a professional, take it away Cherie.

Why your office administrator can’t just bang together sellable content…

… or your 16yo niece / daughter / neighbour, for that matter.

So hello, I’m Cherie, director of The Digital Picnic, welcome to my content marketing cave [or dungeon, … on the bad days, ha!].  This is where my magic happens.  This is where I weave strategy, with creativity, and get them to merge and become like this, … ultimate little powerhouse for your business’ socials, and I’m a bit of a seasoned professional actually [I’m like a … “Ron Burgundy kind-of-a-big-deal”, y’know?].

* Instantaneous disclaimer I’m not really, I just enjoy an Anchorman quote whenever / however I can.

But you see, I am a categorised professional.  I’ve studied my craft [yes, I’ll admit, anyone can study in this craft], but then I’ve also gone on to find relevant work experience in my chosen craft [digital marketing / copywriting], and I’ve worked from the ground up [i.e super, super, junior, junior roles, … right through to more senior roles], and so do you wanna know what that allows me to go and do?

It allows me to go and tell you all that I’m a categorised professional.  Because, #relevantqualification, coupled with #naturalskillz [humble, much? ha!], all finished off with a whole lot o’ #relevantexperience.

Then? There’s the folks who applied for the office administrator role, and got the shock of their God-danged lives 18 months later when their organisation decided that it needed to be on social, and subsequently nominated shocked AF office administrator as the person in charge of social strategy + execution.

Now, for the categorised professionals? This kind of social activity is pretty hard to watch, and makes us wanna eye twitch over the inconsistent content, which lacks of any kind of strategy entirely, and can we please not do a full dumping of x30 hashtags in every.single.IG.caption, ha!

Jokes aside, … it’s really hard to watch, because social media something that’s simply full of opportunity for us; opportunity for strategy, for creativity, for growth, for sales conversions, for brand awareness, for brand endearment, for breeding cult followings of brand loyalists, and so when we see something with so much opportunity? We wanna cry a little when it misses the mark, entirely.

Now that’s ok guys, because – quite frankly – beauticians would legitimately scream watching us hack away at a set of client eyebrows if we tried to wax them, and grown men [and women] accountants would cry big, fat “Muriel’s Wedding” tears if they saw what we’ve tried to do [or not do] in our Xero back-end, ha!  Yep, … best we leave that to the categorised professionals.

Just like social media.

It’s a profession now.  Believe me, … I’ve spent years explaining this to my well-meaning, non-tecchy husband / Dad / Aunty Valerie / friends at BBQ’s, who are all like, “you post status updates to Facebook, and get paid for that?”.

Well, yes, … but, no.

I strategise all o’ that, and then I pick imagery to support really strong copy, and it all has to be in line with the business’ values / goals / errythang’s.  And then sometimes? I’ll convince clients to spend $200’ish on an FB Ads campaign, and I’ll generate a 12k ROI, because #magicalgenie #justrubmylamp.  And then other times? I’m in a Dropbox trance, clicking through all o’ your imagery, and dreaming up your next big campaign, that goes on to become one of your most memorable campaigns, where we’ll never really be able to tell you just how much brand endearment + memorability was created through that one, incredible campaign.

I could go on, but I won’t, because #humilitycheck.

So, let’s make a pact, business owners? We’ll let you do you, and whatever categorised profession you’re in, … if you just let us do us? It’s years of study, plus work experience, plus a natural flair that can’t be taught [or sometimes even earnt via work], and it has this incredible power to make businesses a lot o’ money [… when done right].

So if you could just, … help us not cry into our pillows at night by telling us, “oh, my 16yo niece is on Instagram, I think I’ll give my account to her”?

Yea, … that’d be swell.

Meet Cherie from The Digital Picnic

Keen to get in touch with Cherie? You can follow their socials or visit their website below:

Instagram – thedigitalpicnic
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Website – thedigitalpicnic.com.au

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