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Where brands go wrong on social media

Social media isn’t just a platform for you to sell stuff. I mean sure that’s what we’re there for, but be smart with how you use it. All social platforms have their own language, so make sure you understand why you’re on that platform, to?begin with. If you don’t have an idea, try reading?some?good resources or seek?some advice on how you?can use it to your advantage. Read one of my previous articles ‘why your business needs to utilise social media‘ for some ideas.

1. Not being social

Pull apart the words – SOCIAL MEDIA. Keyword, social.?Use it to social sell (read this article for more on social selling). Social selling is about building relationships, building brand awareness and showcasing your story. But more importantly, it’s about being present, so when the time comes to buy, you’re top of mind. Think of your audience like you would a new friendship, you wouldn’t walk up to a stranger in the street and say hey, let’s go for a drink? You’d:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Start a conversation
  • See if you connect
  • Find your common interests
  • Build the relationship

Right? It’s the same as your audience, they’re people y’know, so treat them like one. Don’t just go ‘HEY BUY MY STUFF‘, because they don’t know who you are and won’t even bother connecting if you haven’t met them halfway. Learn about your audience, produce the content they want and build the relationship! Once you do that, then maybe, JUST MAYBE, they will reciprocate. If they like you, see what they’re about and if you like it, like them back. Build your presence in a range of areas. If you don’t work at it, why should they?

2. Stop double downing

You’d be surprised at how many people think that reiterating what they just posted on Facebook to Instagram or visa versa will make people read it. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Think of it like your own personal social media accounts, chances are a lot of your friends follow you on both platforms. Would you post the same photo for them to see twice? Just don’t do it, if anything, find a new image and reword what it is you’re communicating so it’s different.

3. Enough with the automation of followers

Like I said, social media is about relationship building if you can’t be bothered to put the work in, don’t expect to reap the results. What’s the point of having 10,000 followers who don’t give 2 shits about your brand? The whole point is to build a following of ENGAGING and real people to build brand recognition. Sorry to say, but 10,000 bots aren’t going to be buying your product or service. It’s also obvious to the everyday person when you have 10,000 followers and are only following 150. It’s also obvious when you only receive 20 likes on your photos. Be real guys c’mon! I’d much rather 100 engaging followers than 10,000 unengaging ones, any day of the week.

4. It’s not them, it’s you

It’s the ‘algorithm’. Do you know why the algorithm is there? It’s there because Insta and FB are putting quality over quantity based content. The accounts being placed in their users’ accounts are the ones they are actively?engaging with. Ever heard of an Instagram pod? Don’t bother, here’s why I think they’re dumb. It’s a bunch of people who agree to comment and engage with each other everytime they post. Problem with that? They’re only going to see each other’s content in their feeds because it’s personalised with each account. Also, unless the people in the pod are buying your product, or using your services, it’s a complete waste of time. Facebook is obviously proving to be more difficult these days in terms of organic reach. But read and monitor your insights and see which posts are generating more engagement and keep that content coming. SO in other words, like the above, start engaging with people and posting GOOD CONTENT. Sure it’s not as easy as blaming the algorithm, but it will prove beneficial to you in the long run.

5. Inconsistency

It’s not working, let’s change it. STOOOOOOP. Before you go and change a bunch of things, stick with it for a little bit and let it build traction. Have some continuity in the content you are posting and ideally a good content strategy and ride the wave. People become familiar with the way brands communicate. If you’re constantly changing how you’re speaking or posting it will confuse the audience and they will tune out and unfollow. Let them get to know you, again, relationship building. They need to learn how you work, and then they will eventually engage. The same applies with your posts and how often you post. Make sure there is a routine, don’t expect people to stay engaged when you’re posting weeks or months at a time. To stay in the minds of your followers AND in their algorithm, you need to be active and post regularly. Remember, consistency is key.

6. Inexperienced social managers

The thing is, social media is a beast. There’s a reason why people are making good money selling advice on how to use social platforms. It’s because they’re bloody hard work!?Take it from someone who spends HOURS on it trying to crack the secret, by the way, there isn’t one. You need to nurture and truly understand your audience in order for you to succeed. Putting your admin staff in charge of the account won’t help you or them. It’s social marketing, so if you really want to do well with it, really learn about it or hire someone who knows about it. Have a read of my previous blog? ‘justifying your spend on a professional‘. I see it all the time and it grinds my gears, people offering social services who just have no idea. How can someone claim they’re a social media expert when they have a shitty following and engagement rate themselves? So my advice to you is if you’re looking for someone to monitor your accounts:

  • Look at their numbers with social followings
  • See how active they are on social media themselves
  • Monitor how they’re talking to people
  • See how often they’re engaging with people

If they don’t do any of the above, steer clear.

All in all, it’s just like business, in order to really understand it, you have to invest a lot of time into it. Sure product based businesses will find it easier than the serviced based companies, but don’t let that deter you. Let it be your chance to get an edge on your competition and showcase who you are as people! Social media isn’t going anywhere, so it’s important to know how to use it to your advantage. Find what works for you, and invest the time because, in the end, it’s worth it.

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