Do you feel your brand’s on point, but you’re getting no hits?

'There's so much work'

We’d hazard a guess you’ve put in the work, read all the books, and poured your resources into some form of marketing, and yet, the results are for lack of a better word, ‘meh’.

What if we told you that the answer could lie in your visuals?

Did you know that first impressions are formed in the first 7 seconds?

There is a whole arena that people don’t know about, it’s called design psychology. Put it this way, there’s a reason fast food stores use red. In fact, if we dive down the road of colour theory, red triggers stimulation, appetite, hunger, and attracts attention.

And, colour theory is just one of many areas.

What if you could learn how to shift how people see your brand?

  • How a font choice can articulate tone.
  • How a colour can trigger an emotional response.
  • How an image of a person looking a certain way can unconsciously make your audience follow the eye gaze.
  • How formatting can lead the audience to read things in a structured order.

Brands that use this to their advantage – win.

So, what do you need to do?

Firstly, we’re going to take a punt on the fact that you’ve got an identity already.

So, step back and take a good look at your brand. Strip away the noise and distractions and ask yourself:
Does it communicate your core values?
Does it emotionally resonate with your target audience?
Does it stand out in the ocean of competition?

The solution isn’t just a spiffy new logo or a colour change. It’s about building a messaging system into your brand identity that’s founded with intention, backed by strategy, and aligned with your audience’s desires and needs.

And, once you nail that, then you can get into the design stage. 

Now, here’s where we come in.

We don’t just give you a fish; we teach you how to fish. Our approach ensures that your brand doesn’t just float but sails smoothly (how good are the sea puns?).

We’re about experience. Insight. And, a slight obsession with decoding human behaviour. We teach you how to tap into the psyche of your audience, understand their triggers, and create communication that doesn’t just speak to them, but taps the emotion. And, we do it in an easy, digestible way.

When done right, your brand doesn’t just ‘exist’, it damn well shines. 


Psst, if you’re keen, we talk about this stuff all the time on our Brand & Butter Podcast, go have a listen.

Introducing: Think Shift Sell.

No BS. No vague theories. Just a deep dive into the art and science of branding. Over two power-packed days, we’ll break down our experiences, pepper in some sciencey stuff, and walk you through tangible strategies to make your brand unforgettable.

Who it’s for.

  1. Entrepreneurs & SMEs: Align your brand communication with your vision. Tap into ways to attract your audience so they truly see and connect with your brand.
  2. Marketers: Professionals aiming to deep dive into the tangible “how-to” of branding beyond surface-level theory. Learn why the curved font depicts softness, not sharpness.
  3. Designers/Creators:  Learn the science and psychology of design and how you can change behaviour through shaping perception. Aka, learn the strategy to execute the tactics.

Why us?

  • From the “Why” to the “How”:
    We go beyond the ‘why’ of branding and channel into the ‘how’ zone.
  • We want to show you the AHAs: Figure out why certain people stop or scroll.
  • Done and Dusted: Every strategy we dish out? Tried, tested, and out in the real world.
  • Hands-on, minds-on:
    We’ve got some cracker interactive exercises to make sure what you learn translates into immediate action.

See what past clients have said about us

You’ll learn to think creatively, shift direction, and sell intuitively.

Value $2,900


with 12 month access to the recording

Day 1

Fusing the Brain, Brand, and Consumer

  • First Impressions Matter: Discover how brands make or break their image in the first few seconds.
  • Tapping into Consumer Soul: Dive deep into their core motivations and pain points. What drives people to stop and look?
  • Brand Identity Crafting: Shape a persona that resonates and sticks.
  • Beyond Demographics: Learn to tailor your approach for maximum impact by diving deeper into your audience’s mind.
  • Hands-on Activities: Engage, reflect, and strategise with exercises that take the idea from the head to the page.

Day 2

Design to Communicate

  • Design and Emotion: How do your design choices resonate emotionally?
  • Colour Systems and Font Psychology: Learn the unspoken judgments we make based on design choices.
  • Semiotics: The Universal Language of Symbols: Unpack the might of semiotics and brand symbols.
  • Visual Storytelling: Every brand has a story, and design can enhance it.
  • The YO&O Process: We’ll take you through the way we do things and give you all of our tricks of the trade.
Where: Online via Zoom. The link will be sent to you after registration.

When: Tuesday 31 October – 10am to 1pm (AEDT) and Wednesday 1 November – 10am to 1pm (AEDT)

Duration: 2 x 3-hour sessions run over 2 days.

What you get:

  • Recording Access: Dive back into the TSS workshop whenever you like with 12 months access to the recording.
  • Our Playbook, Is Yours: We’re not just giving you a peek. We’re laying it all out. Adopt our mindset, make it yours, and let’s up your game eh?
  • Do As You Go Workbook: This isn’t about note-taking. It’s about creating. As we unpack strategies, you’ll be building yours.
  • Tailored Content Ideas: No generic advice. Only ideas cut, tailored, and perfect for your brand.
  • Exclusive Insider Secrets: We’ll share some of our favourite spots for the best fonts, premium assets, and killer websites.

Value $1,900



12-month access to the recording

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