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With Brooke from Villa Management

We’re big fans of using social media to really build and connect with our audience here at YO&O. The thing is, so many people have NFI how to actually use it. It isn’t a case of ‘here office admin, post a picture‘ which is what we see so many people doing. It actually takes a fair smack of work and understanding on:

  • Seeing what your people do
  • How they use the platform
  • Who they’re engaging with
  • What they like
  • What they don’t like

So we decided to bring in an all-round great chick, who just happens to know her shit when it comes to social media, and ask her some questions. That chick? Brooke Vulinovich, head honcho of Villa Management.

Coincidentally, we met Brooke through Instagram. We loved the way she authentically connected with her people and there was no salesy crap. She is completely herself in every way and showcases how real conversation builds real engagement, which in turn can convert to cash money (we know, we’ve done 2 rounds of her membership and are about to sign up to round 3. More on that below). For now, let’s get stuck into it.

1. So Brooke, how do you think brands can really use social media as an advantage for their business?

Social Media provides a connection that a website/flyer/radio/tv/print ad never will as it allows for an instant connection between the business and the customer! That’s why it’s so special! AND IT’S FREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

2. In your opinion, how do you think the marketing landscape has changed and why do you think social media plays a big part in it?

Consumers are sick and tired of being advertised to and with the rise of reality TV, they’re wanting to get to know the people behind the brands more than ever. Social Media allows brands to share the BTS of their biz with their customers in real time to build up that relationship. Consumers want to be part of the process of your business growth like never before and that’s where Social Media comes in; to drive and maintain that constant connection.

*Preach it sista*

3. Where do you think most people go wrong with socials?

TOO MUCH SELLING! Nobody wants to be sold to. Stop focusing on a sale and start focusing on building a connection with your followers. Use your content to provide value in order to earn their trust. That trust is what will eventually drive the sale.

4. How can they build real relationships from social media?

Realise that your followers are real people who want to be heard and appreciated. Don’t ignore their comments.. don’t be wanka and write ‘NO DM’S’ in your bio.. Social Media is a communication platform and brands will struggle to grow their community online if they don’t treat it like one.

5. Lastly, we know first hand, how amazing your membership is and how businesses really benefit from it. Can you explain a little bit about your membership and what it offers?

The membership option is $29 AUD per month (direct debited) and includes a weekly lesson teaching you how to market your business on Instagram provided by email, followed by a Facebook live webinar with me explaining further details of the lesson and answering any questions. This live video is held in the exclusive Facebook group for Social Club members only. If you can’t make the live webinar, the video remains in the Facebook group for 7 days for you to watch whenever and as often as you like. More info below on results from current members and where to sign up.

Check out her Instagram post here

So, there you have it. Real relationships, real connection, real conversions. (Psst, you should also check out our other article on Customer Experience). Brooke is a regular on The Pulse which is a segment for 9 News Perth where she talks all things social media (so we aren’t lying when we say she knows her shit), just check her out above.

If you want to know more about Brooke, Villa Management and her membership (we highly recommend) then suss out the links below:
Want in on the membership – Click here to sign up
Not ready for that yet but keen to get some solid tips? Join her list here
How’s about some free webinars? Yeah? Click here
But to follow her on a day to day and really see her in magic, be sure to follow her Instagram accounts: @villamanagement and @brookevulinovich

If you have any questions or want to know more, click here and get in touch. Or check out the services page to see what’s on offer. Alternatively, head over and follow us on Instagram and see what’s happening with us daily!

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