How to choose the right colours (Recording)


Colours play a huge role in how your audience consumes your content.

In fact, did you know that 80% of consumers think that colour is a big part of brand recognition? Not only does it shape perception, but it can also influence how people feel, navigate and read it.

What’s included in this session?

We’re showing you why colour is important and why it should be used as an influential element within your material. In this session, we touch on colour theory, tone/contrast, vision impairment, association and emotion.

Who’s it for?

This is for business owners, content creators, marketers, and designers.

You may feel your colours are disjointed and you need clarity on how to use them. Or you want to know how certain colours depict certain meanings and influence choice. Or maybe you can’t seem to choose the right colours and want help in aligning them correctly.

By the end of the session, you will:
  • Have an understanding of how to use colour to appeal to all audiences.
  • Have an understanding of what colours work together and what don’t.
  • Have an understanding of basic colour theory and how to effectively apply colours.
How long does it go for?

Up to 1 hour

Course Material

A recording of the session and the assisting presentation pdf if used. 

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Bag yourself a bite-sized lesson on how to choose the right colours.
In this session, we’re going to show you how to choose the right colours in regard to tones and associations.

Designs Cool is a collection of mini-sessions that run up to an hour, teaching you about the fundamentals of design. The usage of colour, placement, typography, and shape to name a few play a huge role in form and function, and the way people will interact with you.

Understanding the role of design when developing your overarching communication strategy is so important, starting at a micro-level and flowing right through to the macro. For example, how and where you place elements in a design can hugely influence how your audience navigates your content in order of hierarchy. Add in colour usage and font selections and you not only create emphasis but dictate tone and emotion.

According to Hailey van Braam – A cognitive Psychologist, “the colour, make, look and feel of a product affects 93% of the buying decisions”. With so many accessible tools available, like Canva, Designs Cool is the connection between the idea and the execution that teaches you how to create material that will capture and convert.

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