How we run the creative process

Our design agency does things methodically not chaotic. And yes, designers can be organised.

Our Process
Getting full scope of the brand, where we’re headed, and how we’re going to get there.

Before starting anything, we’ll sit down with you either in person or via video call to discuss your brand. We’ll talk about where your brand currently sits and where you 
want it to go.

Then we’ll dive a little deeper and discuss:

  • Values
  • USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Purpose
  • Difference
  • Architecture
  • Positioning
  • Narrative
  • Voice
  • Competitors and;
  • Audience
After the consultation we’ll have a 360˚ view of the what your brand is and where you’d like to go.

This is where we’ll draft up a range of questions (if needed) and create a mood board stemming from what we’ve already discussed. It’s in this part of the process that we begin to shape the way the brand will communicate to your targeted audience through creative, visual strategies. Here, we may also recommend other creative collaborators that you could work alongside that could help to enhance your brand further.

Once we have clear direction, we’ll begin work on the required design concepts.

Here we’ll work together with you to create designs that will articulate your brand direction through systems, layout, colour, typography and additional assets that will communicate directly to your target audience. We create the designs over a progressive rollout. This means, we begin with one phase of the job and carry the approved design treatment over to the other assets as we go.

This helps to speed up the process as we make sure you love everything before taking it too far.

When everyone is super duper happy and ready to move forward, we’ll finalise the work with an approval and get the files ready to handover to you.

You will be supplied with a link to all of your final working files as agreed on and shown in your package, as well as print ready pdfs that you can supply to your printer.

The "YO&O Full Circle Framework"

We’re all about adopting a panoramic “full-circle” approach to creating a great brand.

So, we’ve introduced ‘The Full Circle Framework’. We believe following our process helps set up the fundamental plan that sets the brand direction. Regardless of whether you’re creating or reinventing a brand or creating a campaign.

Understanding and referring to these base principles help set the foundations of how we move forward.


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