How we run the creative process

Our design agency does things methodically not chaotic. And yes, designers can be organised.

We adopt a panoramic approach to creating a great brand. 

So, we follow ‘The PIC (people in center) Framework’.
This process sets up the foundational steps in creating a strong and memorable brand identity.

The PIC Framework

The PIC stages
We begin by placing people in the center. 

Observing and understanding the wider situation to gain insight into real problems and needs.  


  • Core Values

  • Mission and Vision Statements

  • Difference

  • Positioning

  • Narrative

  • Voice  

  • Competitors and;

  • Audience

It’s time to problem solve solutions.

After gaining clarity and a 360˚ view of your brand and people.


  • Mood board

  • Tone and aesthetic

  • Visual Language

  • Creative approach

  • Positioning

  • Competitive advantage

  • Segmentation

Now, we conceptualise the ideas.

Once the direction is clear, we’ll begin work on creative solutions. Here we’ll work together to articulate your visual language that communicates the essence of your brand and its people. 


  • Typography

  • Colour system

  • Layout

  • Symbols

  • Imagery

  • Concepts
It’s go time.

The final sign-off including proofing and handover, so you can share your brand with the world.


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