The Dog Mum

The Dog Mum is ethically-made apparel for the sassy dogmum and rad dogdad in the ‘hood. Proudly designed and handprinted with a whole lotta’ love in Brisbane, Australia.

We partnered on

Visual Identity – partnering with Shanny Matterson on brand personality and verbal identity.

The Approach

The Dog Mum started as former owner Emma Karanges’s passion project. With her love for dogs and commitment to ethical clothing, the brand quickly found success. But to scale the business and attract a wider audience, it needed a visual identity that matched its direction.

We repositioned The Dog Mum with a minimalist monochrome palette softened with a touch of warmth (pastel pink). This reflects the simplicity of choosing ethically made while proclaiming love for  your dog – it’s black and white. The monospace typeface adds a modern edge while staying true to the brand’s handmade ethos. This strategic rebrand laid the groundwork for major expansion… which saw the illustrative assets we created become a core part of their line.

The Assets

To make the brand instantly recognisable and build a sense of community, we developed a core set of 10 outlined dog breed illustrations. These weren’t just decorative – they were a strategic tool to expand reach and resonate deeply with the dog-loving audience.

This bold move paid off! The illustrations became a brand signature, and by expanding the library based on customer votes, we boosted social engagement and built genuine brand loyalty. This success led to the illustrations becoming a core part of their product line, including car stickers, shirts, stickers, etc. Turning a love for the brand into increased revenue.

The simplicity of the brand and illustration style makes it a breeze to add new breeds to their line. This fuels ongoing customer engagement and lets them connect with all those dog-obsessed customers out there.