The Dog Mum - Retail Branding

The Dog Mum is an Australian retail business (HQ in QLD), that sells merchandise to people who love their dogs.


Emma the founder aka head dog mum, leader of the pack, got in touch with us to revamp the brand look. After a few years from starting, Emma saw huge growth in the business (even so after completing this rebrand) and wanted it to reflect where it is today.


Emma, the founder, got in touch with us (fans from way back) and asked us to help her refresh the retail branding and overall image of ‘The Dog Mum’.

  • The logo was created to be bolder across the already existing monochrome palette.
  • The idea then came to incorporate simplistic line-styled illustrations of dogs to build on the brand personality, and help the audience by connecting to certain dog breeds. Little did we know that this would prove to become quite the phenomenon and become a core recognition identifier for the brand.
  • The illustrations were carried across all of the retail branding touchpoints including the branded stationery, postcards, shirts, website, and social media accounts.
  • Later on the introduction of a muted pink would become an accent as the brand evolved as would the label itself to become a freestanding store in Brisbane, outside of the eCommerce world.

The brand now showcases the personality and boldness that she was trying to capture. Plus, now there are some cute dogs we can all relate to personally!

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