The Digital Picnic Rebrand

The Digital Picnic are a Digital Marketing Agency based in Melbourne, Australia.


Cherie (Founder) and Cat (MD) got in touch because they wanted us to help them ‘love their brand’ again. Being long time followers of their work, we jumped at the opportunity because we felt we could not only help them, but visually articulate the ‘essence’ of TDP.


We worked with the team to map out a plan of attack and rolled the strategy across their identity.

  • We recreated their logo to reflect something a little more ‘TDP’ and fun, though still wanted to reflect a professional front.
  • We developed an identity system which saw the use of a ‘tropical rainbow’ palette and provided them with a magnitude of rulings on how to use the colours through pairing, tint combinations and colour orders.
  • We developed a starter library of illustrations that have been customised to become solely TDP branded assets. This included an array of female faces showcasing multiple ethnicities, skin colour, hair colour, classes, cultural headwear and glasses (with many more to come). It also included graphics that directly relate to the TDP brand and culture.
  • We found both primary and secondary family fonts, which helped to summarise their brand tone.
  • We created spontaneous social assets that looked different separately but worked together as a uniformed whole. Helping them to communicate a range of messages across their social platforms.
  • We designed the website to flow directly inline with the other collateral, keeping a signature wave which creates a ‘free-flowing’ vibe throughout the branded material.
  • We designed the business cards in a range of reversed colour options to bring in their colours and designed the reverse side to reflect their information in a way that was more conversational and less formal.
  • We redesigned the look and feel of their presentation docs for them to present in workshops and prospective clients

The brand now reflects the fun-loving vibe that is The Digital Picnic. And, even better, they love their brand again. Stay tuned as we continue to work with TDP as their partner agency.

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