Stow & Co Brand identity - Homewares

Stow and Co. is a homewares brand that creates mindful storage solutions that use sustainably sourced timbers, and natural, low toxin finishes. Made in Australia, in the heart of Byron Bay.

Stow and Co Identity Design by Your One and Only


To create a paired back, minimalist brand identity that would reflect the brand values and fit seamlessly with the overall aesthetic of what Stow and Co. is all about.


We sat down after the consultation and discussed the best way to move forward. We wanted the brand to have a natural appeal but also introduce a visual point of difference so that it stood out on first glance as a sustainable homewares brand.

  • First, we focused on the logo. We wanted to create an identifiable symbol with the ampersand that could work within the logo and as a brand mark signifier on its own. Combining both the S and C shapes from the brand name, we created the unique SC Ampersand.
  • After some good persuasion, we convinced founder Catherine to introduce some natural colours to accompany the original black and white colour scheme. This was to help segment and differentiate products later on, but also to provide depth in the visual communication area.
  • We paired a minimalist font that wouldn’t overpower the minimalist approach we were going for, and introduced the dark olive as the text colour to soften the look, as black proved at times to be too stark.
  • We then rolled the colour palette over 2 tints; 100% and 50% to allow for both a dark and lighter approach to the tone that was being communicated.
  • We rolled the same look and feel out across the packaging labels and the social assets, including some simple graphics that could be added to assist the block coloured style.
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