Squeeze and Grind Menu Design

Squeeze and Grind is a popular cafe full of zest located in Camden, NSW.


We were asked to create a new cafe menu design that would reflect their energy and personality.


After discussing the direction with the team, we got the general gist of the creative direction and what they wanted to achieve.

  • We created a mood board to reflect our thinking and to confirm we were on the right track
  • We then discussed colours and layout styles we feel could work really well
  • Once we nailed the overall layout, we brought in some illustrations to help bring it all to life
  • We then rolled the illustrations through the design, including a pattern that would repeat on the reverse sides, paired with block colours to distinguish the menu they were reading (food or drinks)
  • We incorporated hand-drawn illustrative graphics that brought in some visual depth. We created featured graphics that showcase cocktail drink ingredients for the drinks menu including ice, lime, salt, mint. The main menu showcases key items; a burger, bacon and egg roll and a lemon. We also produced a patterned graphic which was made for the reverse side of the menu in both positive and negative options, showcasing the above items as well as a few more like a milkshake.
  • The illustrative suite also included legend items that were displayed throughout, including dairy freem gluten-free and vegetarian icons.

It all came together perfectly. We’ll drink to that!

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