SBJ Studios Brand Identity

SBJ Studios are a social media agency who work with social strategy, copywriting and content marketing.


Jarrah, founder of SBJ Studios (formerly known as Socials By Jarrah) came to us in need of a rebrand. Over the past 18 months, the brand had out grown its old branding and was morphing into something much bigger than the old identity portrayed.

Jarrah wanted something the reflected not only what the brand was now, but what it would be in the future.


The direction of the brand saw it bringing in a team of people. The previous name (Socials by Jarrah) then gave mixed messages to the audience when they worked with her company, implying the socials were ‘by’ Jarrah. Though, SBJ stuck with her emotionally; so, we worked with it.

Without changing too much we simply changed the name to the acronym, added ‘studios’,  and brought in an additional strategy to align with the acronym.

SBJ now not only stands for ‘Socials by Jarrah’ we expanded it to represent all that it is today:
The ‘S’ – social, sending, style, story, selling, speaking
The ‘B’ – Business, brand, bringing, bio, boosting
The ‘J’ – Joy, jumpstart, join, jam

  • We also worked to bring in a colour palette that represented the fun and vibrant brand personality.
  • Alongside that we created custom illustrative icons that could be used for communication purposes, including housing imagery (as shown below) and telling a story, like what is shown on the business card.
  • For the logo, we moved away from the circle and introduced a simplistic word mark that has been created in horizontal, stacked and acronym versions.
  • We included a clean and simplistic serif font as the brand font to create a balance alongside the contemporary illustrations and colour palette.
  • We then rolled out the fun and creative style across the social elements, so they could communicate with their audience in a way that was authentically them.
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