REELise brand refresh

Reelise are an organisation that “provides a platform for young people to shape a better online environment through pocket filmmaking, peer leadership and youth activism.” We felt that this was a great initiative seeing as though this is a fairly new issue to try and combat, so?we wanted to contribute in any way possible.


They had some existing style guidelines which outlined some brief rulings for the logo, though what it didn’t include were things like:

Tone of voice, typography, image usage and style and collateral templates.

What we found:
  • The primary colour palette was a little wishy-washy and didn’t provide a decent contrast.
  • The secondary brand colours were a little disjointed and didn’t work well with the primary colour palette.
  • The overall tone of voice wasn’t relatable from a teenagers perspective.
  • There was no real continuity in brand aesthetic when it came to promotional material eg. Imagery and typography.
  • The sub-branded material wasn’t consistent with the primary brand (REELise?Film Festival).


After a discussion?with the team, we decided to introduce a darker teal to the primary palette. This then gave them the ability to jump between 2 colours as a hierarchy.

  • introduced a branded font that suited the teenage target market, something that was slightly contemporary, modern yet versatile.
  • created templates that could work across a range of branded marketing material so that they remained consistent in all touchpoints.
  • stripped back their sub-branded logo so it worked seamlessly with the main brand.
  • incorporated image guidelines and examples which demonstrated the type of style to use in future material.
  • created a tone of voice that the brand can use moving forward which includes the use of pop-culture references to relate to their target market.
  • simplified their?branded stationery, and put emphasis on their minimalist logo to create familiarity.

The REELise team are doing a fantastic job at keeping our kids safe, so we really enjoyed helping them find their brand aesthetic and tone. Be sure to head over to their website and check out what they’re doing –

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