Pivot Freight Solutions

Pivot Freight Solutions are here to revolutionise freight forwarding for the modern business era. We created a brand identity that would aid them on their mission to shake up the traditional cargo transport industry and make global freight forwarding accessible, affordable, and equitable for small businesses. And, they’re doing this by delivering a simplified, streamlined, personalised service tailored to every client’s unique needs.

We partnered on

Visual identity – partnering with Wild Spark on Brand DNA and Verbal Identity.

The Approach

We knew that their target audience was ‘the small guys’ and we rolled the conversational approach throughout their words and visuals. After diving into a competitor analysis, we noticed that the vast majority used red and orange, and the overarching design style had a corporate alignment. Wanting to break away from this we created a colour palette that consisted of navy and a frog green, so we didn’t move too far from the conformity of the industry – however we included a secondary palette of red, fuschia, and yellow to bring in a vibrant and fun tone to appeal to the every day SME.

The Assets

We know the power of visual storytelling, so we developed a library of illustrations that could be used to enhance the messaging. We paired this with a contemporary hero font to enhance the brand personality across all of the communication.

We then used the accent colours for audience segmentation across industry events and channels/platforms and sensed checked the execution to suit the space it occupied. The brand now aligns with the overarching direction and has married up vision to execution on all fronts.