CSR Martini Branded Brochures and Collateral

Specialise in the production and manufacturing of Acoustic Insulation.


Martini is a long-standing client of ours. The initial brief was to update their branded assets and carry it across all of their marketing material. This included; brochures, business cards and promotional signage, and packaging.


Assessing their current brochures and marketing material, we worked together to:

  • Take elements of their previous brand across to the updated collateral. This included the pattern that was initially blocks of white, overlayed with transparencies. This was removed and instead, the grey stroked pattern was created to showcase a slimline and modernised version.
  • The previous two-toned branded blue was replaced with tints of grey, to have a more neutralised palette.
  • The colour then stems from their product which is shown throughout their material.
  • We then incorporated textured and specialty prints to add more depth.
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