Macarthur Kids Logo Development

Macarthur Kids is a local child care facility.


They wanted the logo to visually tie into what they had planned for their?brand. That was to create something whimsical, child-friendly and something that portrayed imagination.


  • We incorporated bold, bright colours into the logo and created both a primary and secondary colour palette that would scream fun.
  • We manipulated a range of fonts to create a customised font for ‘Macarthur’
  • We overlayed colours that created new ones to highlight togetherness and pairing, this also played on a building block idea.
  • We paired that with a handwritten script font, that we placed in grey so it wouldn’t compete against the ‘Macarthur’ colour palette.
  • They loved the idea of a hot air balloon, so we incorporated a balloon graphic for a secondary logo execution and element.
  • We then rolled a similar look and feel across to their website, using light and airy graphics and assisting typography.
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