Illumin8 - Accounting Rebrand

Illumin8 aren’t your ordinary accountants. They’re purpose-led, hilariously funny, and break down numbers in layman’s terms.


To update their brand identity to reflect where they are as a business today. The goal was to keep the same tone but to dial up the personality throughout all of their touchpoints, including their visual identity and graphics so that it was easily identified at first glance.


We sat down with founder Andrew and his wingman David, to nut out how we could really capture the essence of illumin8 today and for the years to come.

  • We focused on updating the elements that they felt still held some importance and recognition (hello shakkas) and gave them a 2.0 vibe.
  • We worked on the colour palette that would not only differentiate them from the standard accounting firm but would add in a splash of vibrancy and fun.
  • Adding to that, we wanted to bring in a bold font that packed a punch, yet could also be pulled back and reserved when needed.
  • We introduced a bunch of illustrations from repetitive phrases, single letter call outs, scribbles and frames, that could be replicated throughout all of the branded material.
  • We reworked the shakkas into the logo, rounded out the typography for the wordmark to bring in a more comical tone, and created an assisting ‘8’ bulb that could act as its own brand signifier.
  • The plain blocked colours allowed us to incorporate a more contemporary illustrative style without overcomplicating or confusing the aesthetic.

We think it’s pretty stand out!

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