Empowered Home Loans Branding

Empowered Home Loans specialise in Home Loan Brokerage.


They felt that the current industry landscape in Home Loans didn’t feel authentic to people, therefore lacked trust. They wanted to break the stereotype and prove that they are different.


We worked with them to create a strong brand strategy that they could replicate throughout all of their branding touchpoints.

  • Our first step was to create a conversational brand voice that felt approachable and authentic. No industry jargon and something that felt relatable.
  • We then created a simplified, alternative logo to the primary logo – EHL. This was to not only create an acronym but more so branded slang so it didn’t feel so uptight and corporate.
  • We then introduced a 6 colour brand palette including tints to bring in a bit of colour to what would normally be considered a drab industry. They will then use these colours interchangeably to speak to the tone they want to convey.
  • We then introduced a messaging strategy that would play on the letters of E,H and L, which can be used over and over again.

The goal was to break down the wall of formality when it comes to seeking Home Loan advice. The team at EHL are fun loving and trusting and needed to convey that in their brand. They know that buying a house is a really exciting time and wanted convey that through their tone without the connotations of money and stress.

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