DK Stainless Brand Refresh

DK Stainless is an Australian stainless steel manufacturer. They create a range of products specialising in house and kitchen, 4x4s, camping but one of the biggest – a pet rehydration station.


To refresh their current image to reflect who they have become as a brand over the last few years.


After the initial creative session, we discussed their current clients and target market, tackled where they were heading and what they wanted to be in the coming years. We then worked together to come up with a brand identity system that would not only look good but communicate a ‘feeling’ on first glance.

  • Being in the stainless steel industry, we wanted to bring in a more masculine vibe. One that had a real connection with the military colours and the connotations it portrayed. So, we used this as a foundation to build the identity from.
  • They wanted to keep a similar feel to the existing logo, so we stripped it back and simplified to match with the chosen brand font, which showcases a bolder, blocky style.
  • We chose colours that were inline with the mood board – some variants of army colours paired with black and blue steel. All colours having the ability to be broken down into specified tints to create lighter tones. They now have a range of colours to use that can help them segment specific messages should they choose to.
  • To keep things simple, yet add another layer of creativity, we chose to skew certain call out messages and provide them with the option to switch to an outline. We also included a ruling to rotate messages to a 90˚ angle so that the wording would run sideways. We also included a line as a graphic to add as additional design feature should they see fit.
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