Danielle Mate Sullivan Branding

Danielle is a fantastic contemporary Aboriginal artist from Sydney, and she approached me because she needed help with her brand. We wanted to highlight her as the serious artist that she is to people who are yet to know about her.


Wanting to have a personal feel we found a script font that felt suited a signature feel (as an artist would do to sign their work). Taking this one step forward, we used Danielle’s handwritten S and manipulated the other letters to create something that was uniquely hers.


Her logo is a hand-drawn mix of both Danielle and us with our idea of an artist’s signature, without having her actual signature (for privacy reasons).

We wanted to keep the brand colours neutral so that the emphasis of colour would always be shown throughout her artworks.

The design concept was to create a timeless elegance that would be ingrained within the brand. This was to showcase not only the standard of work Danielle produces but the overall tone and feel of what people can expect in regard to her expertise and professionalism.

We carried then carried this same look and feel across both her website (check it out here) and flyer, both of which are sleek, sophisticated and simple, leaving Danielle’s work to stand off the page.

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