Cubbi Image Brand Guidelines

Cubbi, a real estate brand that focuses on the middle ground between the tenant and homeowner, approached us needing image guidelines.

Their brand identity and tone had already been created, though they found that when they needed to use imagery there wasn?t any consistency across the board, so they got in touch with us!

The Brief

  • To create guidelines that Cubbi felt worked cohesively with their current tone and brand identity
  • Incorporate imagery that worked for both tenants and homeowners


  • We created a segmented document that included what images to use for specific demographics
  • We then advised them on what images to use, with examples of what not to use
  • We also included iconography that we felt tied in well with their overarching identity
  • We advised them on graphical elements and photo choices for their website in order to communicate to the right audience
  • We included a library of paid and free images that they could work with moving forward
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