CSR Martini Rebrand

Specialists in the production and manufacturing of Acoustic Insulation.

Old Martini logo (left) vs. New Martini logo (right)


CSR Martini is a well valued, long-standing client of ours. Over the years they have experienced rapid growth and needed help to bring their brand up to date to not only represent what they stood for today, but to align with their future brand direction.


Knowing that CSR Martini had some sound recognition in their industry, we wanted to maintain a similar look and feel to make sure their brand remained identifiable.

So we:

  • Called upon the legends over at Wordfetti to help us map out and plan a verbal brand strategy and plan that would align with our visual execution. This included a sound brand voice, cemented brand values and a new tagline ‘When science and sound, meet design“.
  • Worked alongside that verbal strategy to create the visual identifiers that would create the new Martini visual identity.
  • Kept the logo similar to their previous logo, but updated the font, placement and sizing to have a more rounded and balanced appearance.
  • Created a primary and secondary colour palette to help categorise different branded collateral and to use as identifiers for key segments.
  • Included some Earthier tones within their palette that we could use for their material that referenced the environmental and sustainability issues.
  • Updated the brand font to appear more rounded and balanced like their logo. Also appearing to create more space when referencing large bodies of copy.
  • Updated the CSR Martini branded assets and carried it across all of their marketing material. This included; brochures, stationery, promotional signage, packaging, data and fact sheets, website and more.
  • Called upon other creative collaborators to help us including; Moolah Digital to help develop the website to the new UI we had designed. In addition to this we brought in Heist Creative, who we organised to shoot new branded photography to represent to align with the new direction.
  • Created a 40+ branding guidelines document including brand rulings and references to supply to internal and external suppliers for brand consistency.

YO&O worked collaboratively with CSR Martini over a period of 3 years.
Visit their website here.

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