Clever Cookie Academy Branding

Talk about teaching done differently. Clever Cookie Academy is a teaching service based in Orange NSW. They are a bunch of experienced and skilled teachers that are about making teaching fun.


To create a brand that would truly reflect who they are as people.  They’re not a boring tutoring service, they’re a vibrant and fun group of teachers who build honest relationships with their students to guide them academically.


Firstly, both Peita and Rob are the founders of CCA and their personalities needed to be at the forefront. Not your stereotypical teachers, these two know how to bust a move in front of a camera and make learning fun. We felt that this was a key differentiator for them as there wasn’t anything out there like them.

  • We started with a creative session that highlighted their pain points and where they wanted to go.
  • We created a contemporary logo that included a bite out of the second ‘O’ in ‘cookie’.
  • We aligned colours and fonts that would suit the ‘vibe’ and attract the right type of person. We also needed to tread carefully here as they have a broad age group with their students from K-12 and they wanted the creative to appeal to the wider group without looking ‘too young’.
  • The colours chosen were bright with a mix of pastels, including pinks and peaches. This is opposite to the deeper dark colours you’d see for most educational services.
  • We incorporated their tone of voice into illustrative digital stickers that were tongue in cheek to use across their collateral.
  • We brought in their ‘cookie’ flare with sprinkle graphics that they could use as creative backgrounds and treatments within their collateral, including their social assets.
See the CCA website here
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