Cinder Design Co. Visual Identity

Cinder Design Co. is an Interior Design Studio.


Rebecca, the founder of Cinder Design Co, underwent our Understand the Brand course in early 2019. Togerhter we laid out the foundation of her brand and the direction she wanted to take it. Knowing this strategy helped us to create an identity that not only suited her aesthetic but reflected her versatility and where she wanted to go.


We wanted to be creative yet simplistic with the visual identity. Helping to keep the photography of the work at the forefront.

  • With the logo, we wanted to create a symbol that would be easily identifiable as the Cinder mark. This is where the signature ‘C’ in both a block colour and outline come in.
  • We incorporated a subtle, natural colour palette that would work seamlessly with branded photography.
  • We created illustrations that could be used as additional assets to visually showcase what Cinder does.
  • We kept the typography clean and simple to stay versatile with anything it was paired with.

We carried the same treatment with the signature letter from the logo throughout the sections and titles within the website (which you can see here). Incorporating the illustrations to the relevant sections, keeping things looking great while communicating effectively.

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