Burger Frank menu design, identity update and in store promotional material

Burger Frank is located in Camden NSW. They source their produce from local suppliers and have a sustainable approach to the way they create food.


To level up their current identity suite which would create consistency across all of their marketing touchpoints. This included their internal menu board signage, menus, promotional posters and flyers, social assets, website refresh, and logo design for their plant-based menu.


The brand already had a logo and some signature design assets that we needed to include within the update. These would play a part in the colour selection and how we would position the assets for emphasis and match additional colours and the chosen brand font.

  • Without impacting their current brand recognition, we had no intention of changing the primarily black, white, green and yellow colours that were already being used. Instead, we added additional colours; dark brown, light brown, red, dark green and blue to the suite. These colours reflect the colours within a burger from the patty, to the cheese, to lettuce. We also included the deep blue which reflected the colours used for their crockery inside the shop.
  • We decided on two brand fonts that complimented each other, both impactful and bold.
  • We designed the internal lightbox menu boards, which we kept quite minimal and in black and white for impact.
  • We carried the new look across their internal marketing material which ranged from their menu designs in both their standard and plant-based options, posters for their sauce and pickle options, social assets including some illustrations, and their website UI update.
  • We also provided a style guide which showcased how to implement the look across any future collateral.
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