Brushwoods Packaging

Brushwoods are an Australian?owned business who produce high quality Oats and Olive Oil.


To redesign the existing product packaging to reflect the direction of the business and to stand out on the shelf.


We wanted to create something personal that could be executed through the design, yet design something unique that had a point of difference.

  • We decided to bring in the story of their family farm and illustrated a design that told a story. This included their house, their fields, olive trees, tractors, sheep, right down to the family members and their dog.
  • We wanted to keep it minimalist, there was no distraction when communicating the main messaging. Also when placed alongside other brands, we wanted to emphasise on the simplicity.
  • We kept the palette black and white and used an accent colour to segment each product, this was so they looked part of a family yet showcased they were different products.
  • On top of that, we used the accent colours to highlight individual elements on each box to create a bit of difference.
  • We kept the lines on the fields continuous so when placed side by side on the shelf, the pattern would run over into the next box.
  • We also carried the design across to the olive oil bottle labels as well as the Olive Oil soaps they produce in collaboration with The Soapstress.
  • We then carried the same look and feel across to their marketing material which included their website, social media pages and email marketing.

The overall response has been really overwhelming from not only from the Brushwoods customers but from our audience as well. The redesign has proved to be a huge success!

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