Amee Triscari Personal Brand Identity

Amee Triscari (personal brand) is a life and business strategist.


Amee was a long-time follower of YO&O and we’d been following her Instagram account for quite a while when she got in touch, so we knew what she was about. Though, for those that don’t, in a nutshell, she’s mentors people (primarily women) to live their best lives personally and professionally.

She was at a crossroads with her old brand and the direction for her new one and wanted to evolve, both in business and in branding. Formerly Juicy Creative Co, she transitioned to create a personal brand identity and went hell for leather with her approach.


Amee is an absolute trailblazer, bold, full of fun, and loves the occasional F-bomb, and she wanted to reflect that in her identity.

The goal was to associate the right feel and vibe when people saw the identity at first glance. Contrasts, colour and a whole lot of ‘in ya face’.

  • We wanted the logo to remain timeless, with no icons, but a simple wordmark that could transition across time. It was developed in both a horizontal and slightly stacked variation for multiple uses.
  • An uppercase ‘hero’ brand font was chosen to align and create impact with her tone of voice. We then paired it back with a font for the body copy so that both worked together seamlessly without dominating one another.
  • Bold colours were a big part of the brief. We then worked with Amee to choose colours that would scream bold. We kept to a primary monochrome base, paired with neons that amplified the contrast so that they grabbed attention and stopped a social scroller in their tracks.
  • 2 variations of the letterhead were created using a different worded graphic. We also used 4 variants of the business card, switching out the accent colour on the reverse but using the same black on black spot varnish finish on the front.
  • Designing the layout for impact, we used a stark contrast of black and white with a minimal pop of an accent colour to draw attention. We also used her name and the tagline as an added graphical element.
  • Optional versions of the tagline were created with both an asterisk and without so she could use either as she saw fit.
  • Rolling the creative out across her social and assisting graphics so the brand remained consistent and cohesive across the board. The social graphic templates gave her the flexibility to populate with her on content on an ongoing basis (see below).
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