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Podcast: How to Create a Stand Out Brand for Your Small Business

So when Stevie from Stevie Says Social asked Tara if she wanted to feature on her relaunched podcast ‘Talk Social To Me’ – you bet she jumped at it.

The podcast is called:?Branding | How to Create a Stand Out Brand for Your Small Business with Tara Ladd, Your One and Only

How to create a stand out brand by Tara Ladd and Stevie Dillon

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This podcast runs for around 50 minutes and discusses a range of topics from:

  • Brand Story
  • Purpose
  • Marketing Mix
  • Brand Evolution
  • Competitors
  • Instagram

To be honest, Stevie gives a much better breakdown including times here.

We love everything about what Stevie does (have you noticed?) but on top of that, we also think she’s a rad chick. She delivers content on the social media game that’s easily understood and it’s done really authentically, and to us that ticks all the boxes!

Out of this, we realised…

How many people needed that initial phone call to start or to evolve their brand. That initial conversation helps to set the foundation and plan for what is needed to not only market effectively but to know the purpose of it all.

Which is why we consultations?on offer (as well as an audit) to set people on the right path. It’s a great way to start the branding process without worrying about investing a lot?of money in the wrong people. See more about our consultation services here.

If you have any questions or want to know more,?click here?and get in touch. Or check out the?services?page to see what?s on offer.?Alternatively, head over and follow us on?Instagram?and see what?s happening with us daily!

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