Stay aware of what you’re posting during specific events

Be aware of what you’re saying during specific events

In 2019, Australia experienced one of the worst disasters in our history, with catastrophic drought fuelling bushfires ravaging our land. Houses were been burnt down and people died. In a time of crisis, it’s crucial to be aware of the context of your marketing messages.

Why it matters?

Now more than ever before, consumers are wanting more from brands. They want to know their agendas, who they align with and more importantly how they act. As we’ve said time and time before, branding is deeply psychological and purchasing from a brand delves much deeper than liking a product or service.

Always be observant.

Be aware of what’s going on around you; especially those close to home, to avoid looking insincere. If something hugely traumatic is occurring, you don’t want to be posting about your ‘mega sale’. Understanding the severity of specific circumstances helps you to take into consideration the power of people’s emotions.

People purchase from brand’s that align with their own personal values. It’s an extension of their personal reputation, so what you do and say as a brand can hugely impact their purchasing decisions.

Emotion drives action.

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

The leadership of Australia is currently being questioned with people taking to social media to vent their frustration. That above statement we just mentioned, that is a perfect example of why the people are upset. During a time of crisis, our Prime Minister was in Hawaii on a holiday. And yes, everyone deserves one, but it was the timing of it that got everyone up in arms.

While some people argue that the Australian states are the ones in charge of the decision making (not the federal government), all political views aside here, this isn’t where the problem lies. It’s a classic case of showing sincerity and being a compassionate leader in a time of crisis. Some say what more can he do. Well in our opinion, a lot more. Even former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, love him or him, has been out on the front line in his Firefighting gear earning much-loved respect from the Australian community.

Take New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinta Adern, for instance. After the Christchurch mosque shootings, she showed up. She displayed an amazing sense of compassion and empathy, that was respected worldwide. It wasn’t even what she said, it was the way she conducted herself and addressed the issues at hand. It’s what a nation wants to see from their leader when such events arise, not political agendas.

What can you do?

Make a point of addressing the issues going on with authenticity. It shows compassion and in a time of crisis, people want to know you care. If you have a strong audience, try using your platform to help raise awareness, like Comedian (and downright legend) Celeste Barber did, raising over 50 million dollars. Other celebrities like Pink, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban then followed with donations of $500,000. Natalie Portman and Lizzo also shared the post (assuming a heck load more now) voicing concern over the catastrophic circumstances surrounding the death of up to 500 million of our poor wildlife. If you can use your platform, do it. It can be a powerful tool.

Aligning to a cause.

What we’ve seen over the past few years is a huge rise in cause marketing, which is basically brands aligning with a cause that reflects their own brand values. If an event that is occurring sits with something you stand for as a brand, then it could be in your interest to partner up, create an event or organise a donation drive. Another popular choice is donating a percentage of earnings to a charity/cause. These are a great way to showcase support and align your brand to certain issues.

Having brand values.

It’s important to have brand values in place. Your brand values are a set of fundamental rules that define your actions. They help to shape your brand reputation, personality and what you stand for. They’re also a great guide in making the right choices when certain business decisions need to be made.

While we know that we can’t control or be aware of everything happening in the world, it’s important to at least take notice of those directly around you. You can still talk business, just tread carefully with the execution or simply reschedule content for a later date where it’s more suitable. The last thing you want is to post something that can come across distasteful and insensitive, leaving a bad reflection on your brand. That being said, sometimes things that mean no offence can cause it unintentionally, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Showing empathy, respect and vulnerability during a time of crisis shows the human trait of a brand. And, that’s a thing that’s crucial in today’s landscape.

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