Sliding in with some FAQs

50% to get the show on the road!

It really depends on what you are after, deadlines, the scope of work. BORING we hear you say, yeah we know, sorry. We have a stack of different packages on offer and can easily bang you up a quote, just contact us and we’ll get it done!

Yep! We’re all about trying to make it work for all of our clients. When we send the proposal we give you a selection of payment options.

Of course, we can. And, rest assured we aren’t going to sell you stuff you don’t need, it’s not the YO&O way. We’re good like that.

Generally, it depends on how busy the studio is and how quickly you can give us feedback. As a rough estimate, it can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 6 months for a full brand rollout. Don’t worry though, we keep you in the loop and give you a much clearer indication if and when you choose to work with us.

Then we say, BRING IT ONNN. We aren’t restricted by location. We’re a fully functioning remote studio, there’s a hell of a lot we can do these days digitally.

All services are listed on our services page, though if it isn’t there, simply email us and we’ll let you know.

You can check out our process page here or a brief example below.

  • We get the deposit
  • We have a chat about the direction you want to go in and how to approach it
  • We send you some design examples that we think could work
  • We begin the design concepts
  • We then work together with you so we can nail the right one
  • Once the final concept is approved, we begin creating the file types needed
  • Final payment is then due
  • All of your files will be supplied to you via email in a downloadable link
  • Show it off to the World!

Look, it happens. If the direction is similar to what we’ve already developed, it usually isn’t an issue. Though, if you head in a completely different direction we will need to charge for the additional time spent on developing that new concept.

We’re fully transparent in how we charge, we don’t like bill shock. Usually, we offer to upgrade your package, or we charge our hourly rate. If we go by the rate, we’ll discuss a set time.

On final completion, yes. Prior to that, no. All of the design concepts are rightfully owned and copyrighted to us until the final payment has been made. After that, yes, the IP will be transferred to you!

Hey, we’re all for a creative sesh. In fact, we love it. Part of our job is to flesh out different creative strategies that will help your brand grow. Simply contact us about a session here.

Yes, we do. Though before we commit, we usually do a project together to see if we’re the right fit for each other.