The benefits of email marketing for promotions

Being prime time to promote for business we knew we needed to stress the importance of email marketing, especially for product-based businesses. So we thought hell, let’s bring in Pete from Ampjar to get up on the soapbox and tell you all about the benefits of email marketing for promotions.

And here it is: The benefits of email marketing for promotions. Or Using email marketing in key sales windows.

Meet Pete from Postie

The best tool you have up your sleeve leading into any key sales window is your database.

Social channels are great, but your database is yours and you can reach them whenever you want. They are, more typically than your social followers, people who have bought from you, spent time on your website and importantly they’re people who will advocate for you.

It’s worth knowing at this point, that while there may be some crossover, your database doesn’t necessarily follow you on Instagram. While you share content through social channels that follows a deliberate pattern and that balances messages, many of your biggest fans are seeing none of it, and good ol’ reach algorithms mean that even your biggest social followers are only seeing some of it.

There is plenty of good news though, and that last paragraph is the end of the bad news, I promise!!

You have a database of people who love what you do and want to hear from you. Whether they’re people who have bought from you online, typed their email address into a sign up form on your website or people you met at a market, you have an opportunity to truly engage them.

Turn them into customers and into people who will find your next customers for you.

‘and what better time to do this than leading up to Christmas, New Year and/or any big sales events that matter to you. When is your business’s Christmas?

We hear so often from many brands that Fathers Day, Easter Day, The Spring Racing Carnival and others are their biggest sales events. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the best way to engage these customers is through email. You can time it, you can tweak it and you can get strategic without having to do much thinking!

As you lead up to a sales window there are 4 different types of email that are yours to use to your advantage.

Here they are:

1. Get in early with an ‘Order by’ email

Get your customers thinking that you’re a great gift idea by telling them when they need to order by. It’s a light email, very easy to receive and comes across as a nice ‘heads up’. This is your first email in this series. Send it to everyone on your list and link them to go and browse your store.

2. Last Orders at The Bar

This is the last email you’ll send before your big sales event and is another time warning that tells your customers in such a lovely, polite way that they should buy from you now! There’s nothing like scarcity to get someone buying that gift or treat for themselves that they’ve been considering.

3. Product Suggestions

Get really broad, share a lot of different products and get your customers thinking about the different ways that you solve many of their needs.
Depending on how much time you have, theme these up and send a few emails that talk about different product ranges. Be careful here though, if you get too specific you might send too many emails that don’t appeal and get your customer thinking that you don’t know them and their needs.

4. Advocates Advocate

Show off what other people think of your product. As much as you’re probably great at creating content, there’s nothing like seeing a product shot and used by other people. Go back through the past year and dig out your favourites. This is also a perfect way to get the recipient thinking if they have friends who would like what you do.
Use your own tone and personality to get this right, but try something simple like:

‘We hope you love these shots from some of our favourite customers, if you know someone else who’d love [our brand], don’t forget that if you introduce them, they get 10% off their first order’

Or even try?

‘We hope you love these shots from some of our favourite customers, we’d love to see your shots, simply post them and use the hashtag #ourbrand and our favourites get a voucher for $10 off their next order.’

Now I’m sure some of that sounds like a great idea, but a lot of work! We built Ampjar to make creating and sending email campaigns fast and easy. We’d love you to check us out, and use our free trial so you can send campaigns without even getting your credit card out : )

The other key piece to winning at your big promotion window is finding new people to introduce to your brand.

There’s no better time to really flex your muscles when it comes to Facebook Ads, Google Ads and more. It can get a little more expensive at the more popular times of year and so testing and learning is going to be more expensive, but if you have it worked out, then now’s a great time to turn it up.

If you’re looking for new ways to get your content in front of people who shop with brands like yours, then we’d love you to check out Amplify.

The idea behind Amplify is that we give brands the opportunity to pay another brand to have their content appear in one of the host brand’s email campaigns. You can be the advertiser and get your message out and/or be the host and get paid to host another great brand’s content in your campaigns.

Customers love including a non-competing brand’s message in their own emails and then finding brands with customers like theirs and how fast and easy it is to do.

We hope you check it out : )

To find out more about Ampjar, check out the below links:

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