Business owners, marketers, creators, and designers – this one is for you!

Designs Cool is the connection between the idea and execution, teaching you the nitty-gritty so can DIY in style.

Designs Cool: 1-hour sessions teaching you the fundamentals of design.

Let's dive into this a bit more shall we?

Understanding the role of design when working on your overarching communication strategy is so important, starting at a micro-level and flowing right through to the macro.

For example, how and where you place elements in a design can hugely influence how your audience navigates your content in order of hierarchy. Add in colour usage and font selections and you not only create emphasis but dictate tone and emotion.

So, in Designs Cool, we’re going to teach you some cool things (heh).
In bite-sized portions, in a no BS approach, so you can get the most out of your creative.

Kicking off with 12 subjects

We’re talkin’ things like:


Learn to create work that engages and connects.

Are you keen to come and get schooled?