Brand Consultation

Consultation calls?are a great way to really find your direction regardless of what phase of your business journey you are in. They help to lay down the foundation on your why, what and how which is critical to how you communicate.

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

Let's get you in the right direction

Honestly, this stuff can get pretty deep, so don’t for 1 second think you don’t have it together. No one does, to be honest. We just try, test and measure new ways to make things work! How? Well with great creative strategies.

Below is a brand audit and 3 types of consultation calls that we offer.
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Stuck? Let's tee up a call!
Ready to start but a little overwhelmed on how to? That's OK, we'll help! We'll touch on what your purpose is, how you intend to tackle the market and give you strategies to start the process.
Startup Strategy

1 hour chat about getting your brand started

Stuck? Let's tee up a call!
Have an idea but stuck how to execute it? We'll work with you to tackle it head on. Challenge you to new ways of thinking and help you to find the right approach to take to market.
Creative Strategy

1 hour idea to flesh out creative ideas

Stuck? Let's tee up a call!
Here we will dive into strategic ways to move your brand forward. Talk about your brand story, differentiation, target market, competitors and your creative approach.
Brand Strategy

2 hour consultation call

Let's go over it all shall we?
We'll go over all of your current branded material and give you ideas and suggestions on how you can improve it!
Brand Audit

Analysis of your brand

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