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How community builds stronger brands with Tracy Harris

You may have heard words like ‘tribe, squad and community’ thrown around over the last few years and there’s good reason for it. Whilst some people may snub their nose and think it’s a trending and dated thing, the short answer is, it’s not and it’s something you should be looking into. Sure you may not have to use the buzzwords, but the importance of a supporting community inevitably helps you to establish brand loyalty, and these people will become some of your biggest brand ambassadors.

For this one, we called in the big guns Tracy Harris, CEO of Mums with Hustle. She’s built an organic online community of mums who kick ass in biz.

So, we had a few things we wanted to ask her.

What does community mean to you and the MWH brand?

Mums With Hustle is ALL about community! We are a collective of ambitious mums creating powerful lives and brands that add value to the ones we serve. ?From the very beginning, while I was breastfeeding my firstborn and typing single-handedly in the dark, it was my goal to create a business that is purposeful and makes an impact in the world.

Since then I’ve grown the MWH community to over 60K beautiful biz babes, who all believe wholeheartedly in the community over competition mindset.

This community mindset means everything to me because it’s the precise mindset that I founded my business on, and it’s the exact mindset that I’ve used when creating products and services for the women in my tribe that I mentor.

How do you find having a community has helped add value to your brand?

Having a community has helped add value to my brand because it has allowed me to truly understand what my audience needs in order to live their life by design and not default.

I’ve formed so many beautiful relationships?with women who are dedicated to backing themselves and each other because we’re all excited to see one another RISE. These are the same women who are DOERS and want to better themselves and their business by joining my online student communities Hashtag Hustle and The Social Method Society.

Often women join my programs for the knowledge and tools they’ll gain access to but they STAY for the community element which they find incomparable to any other!

Tracy's Community

What advice can you give people about building a strong and authentic community?

Be prepared to be YOURSELF! Sounds easy enough, but it scares most people and I see people hide way too often behind stock images and text graphics on the ‘Gram.

In order to have impact, you’ve also got to know your why and start connecting with the audience you want to serve! I opened the doors to my private academy, The?Social Method Society?on November 13, and Social Impact is one of the core pillars that I teach to?help biz babes build an engaged, action-taking tribe on Instagram and beyond!

Are there platforms you find that are more valuable than others?

Oh, I am 100% totally and madly obsessed with Instagram (IG). As an Instagram strategist and business mentor, I love how IG allows me to quickly and easily connect with my audience and show up for them in various ways whether by posting, engaging, IG Stories, going Live, or sharing longer content on my IGTV!

I’m also a fan of using Facebook Groups to keep an engaged community. Currently, I have three Facebook Groups that my tribe will find me hanging out in.

The Mums With Hustle Biz Club?is a completely FREE?community created to support my podcast listeners and online tribe of bizmums! There are over 16K mums in there now collaborating and connecting with one another!

My other two private Facebook Group communities are solely for my?Hashtag Hustle or Social Method Society?students (all women and not necessarily mothers). They are a place where my students can receive real-time support, surprise Lives, freebies, and so much more. These Facebook Groups are used as private masterminds where the entire vibe is?supportive, productive and valuable for my students!

I also love using email to build a deeper relationship with my online audience. In addition to teaching through my emails, I also share my own journey, and I write as I speak because I want them to get to know me before they decide to work with me or someone else in my niche! It?s the same “me” they hear on my weekly podcast. It?s the same ?me? they see rocking up bare-faced on Instagram Stories or posting on Instagram and Facebook! Because by being my authentic self, my community is able to connect with me on a deeper level.

For brands that don’t have an online community, what is your advice to them?

It’s never too late to start building an online community for those you want to serve! Get out there and do it, and if you aren’t sure where to start then #KeepReading!

Don’t let your mindset hold you back from creating an online community that thrives! When you build community and lead with love, you don’t feel that ick of selling. You feel joy and excitement to create offers that they’ve asked for! Working with you because their next logical step because, through all of your authentic marketing and valuable content, they’ve been able to discern whether they vibe with you or not. It’s so liberating!

That’s exactly what I teach inside of my private academy, The Social Method Society. I offer digestible and fun ways to grow a drop dead gorgeous business using Instagram and beyond, so that you ARE able to design your dream community and dream life.

I’m excited to announce that doors are opening up to my private academy The Social Method Society?on November 13 for a limited time only. Hundreds of women are already accessing the academy to build the business of their dreams and create the life they desire!


Tracy Harris - CEO of Mums With Hustle

Tracy Harris is the CEO of the Mums With Hustle online community and education platform for mums in business, creator of the online Instagram course, Hashtag Hustle, and Founder of the online marketing academy, The Social Method Society. With two children under 5, one partner (and now co-owner), and a rebel heart, she is fiercely dedicated to supporting big-hearted women wanting to design their life first and business second ? by harnessing the superpower of Instagram as part of a complete digital strategy. One that aligns with who they are at their core and one that sees them creating their own version of success.


Instagram: @mumswithhustle


Biz Club: MWH Biz Club

If you have any questions or want to know more,?click here?and get in touch. Or check out the?services?page to see what?s on offer. Alternatively, head over and follow us on?Instagram?and see what?s happening with us daily!

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