Why your business needs to utilise social media. Photo credit: Kate Serbin

Why your business needs to utilise social media

Let?s face it, for people who don?t consider themselves ?up with the tech?, anything related to it can be rather daunting. In saying that, DO NOT let that stop you from using it as a tool for your business.
Why your business needs to utilise social media.

You see, social media isn?t just about posting photos and liking some comments; it?s actually a virtual community where people actively talk and network. It plays a huge part in the way brands are seen in the world these days, and if you aren?t part of it, you?re missing a big slice of the market.

Unfortunately, as some hoped, it isn?t a fad and it will be around for a long time. The big question is, how do you use it for your business and what do you do if you have absolutely no idea how to use it? The answer is, you get help. Don?t simply ignore it because it?s something different to what you have always known, embrace the change and learn new things because it can do great things for your business.

But I have a website, why do I need to engage with social media?

This is the question from a lot of my clients, the short answer is that social media gives the consumer more. A website is something that purely advertises your business, it gives the information you as a business owner/representative choose to show, as opposed to social media, which shows how you actively engage in real time. By this I mean it’s more about what you are posting regularly, who you are engaging with, HOW you are engaging with them, how responsive you are to questions and so on.

Did you know…

People who are actively searching for a product or service do their research. If you don?t have a social media presence, chances are you will be eliminated. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, when social media is part of the buyer?s journey, customers tend to convert at a 129% higher rate, they are also four times as likely to spend significantly more than those without a social component. In addition, did you know that 22% of the world?s population use Facebook, and 76% of those users logged in every day in 2016? (Social Media Today, 2017) and on top of that, in the past 2 years, content consumption on Facebook has increased 57% (Hubspot, 2016). Another thing that boosts your chances are reviews, reading or writing social media reviews and comments will influence the shopping behaviour of 67% of consumers (PWC), if you don?t have a presence on social media, they are some pretty big numbers to be missing out on.

I don?t know how to use it

This is where you need to hire an expert. Social media is so popular these days that there are dedicated job roles out there for Social Media Managers. By getting yourself on the right track you can really change the exposure of your company, so it is definitely worth it. For some tips read my other blog ‘4 tips on how to market on social media‘.

Social Media Quote - Seth Godin
Consumers want more

As a brand, the consumer needs to trust you to buy from you. Think about everything you buy on a weekly basis from the grocery store. Chances are you are picking up the same washing detergent, the same dairy brands, the same cereals and toiletries. This is because you trust the brand you buy, and that might not even be because you made that choice, to begin with. I for one know that I was using the same washing detergent as my mum did for a few years after I left home because that?s what I knew. By building a social media presence it gives you the ability to showcase your brand and build a trust with potential consumers. Show them what your company does, how you trade, who you employ, what you believe in and how things work. It?s what goes on behind the scenes that give consumers that extra reason to trust you; so tell your story. Check out my blog on ‘why it’s important to tell your brand story‘.

Quality not quantity

If you are someone that knows the basics but are still grasping how it all works. Don?t be fooled by the articles which say ?you need to post at X time and X amount of times per day to be successful? because I call BS. What makes a social media page successful is the engagement rate, if you are posting irrelevant information to your followers, they will tune out. The same goes with the quantity you post; it can become quite annoying to your followers if your page starts flooding people with content over and over. It?s all about consistency if you only have time to post once a week, then post once a week. Your followers will know that that?s the schedule you work to, and if you are more actively engaged, post once or twice a day. Be smart, post quality posts.

What is quality?

When I say quality, I mean something of significance. Trying to jam your product down their throats 24/7 isn?t going to win them over, in fact, it is just going to deter them. Give them some interesting news about your industry. Offer them advice and educate them on what you know, show them you are an industry expert. Marketing isn?t always about trying to sell; it?s about creating awareness of your brand so that when the time comes, you are first in mind when the decision to buy is made.

In conclusion, chip away at your social media approach, don?t try and tackle everything at once because you will become overwhelmed. In saying that, you also don?t need to be on every single social media platform. Choose which ones will benefit your business and help you stay engaged with your customers. Facebook to me is a must; it also gives you an array of content to repost about your industry and to give you a break from writing your own content. Another thing read about it, it isn?t so daunting when you start to learn about the way it all works.

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