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Starting a business?

Let’s face it, starting a business can be a daunting process. There are so many things to take into consideration when weighing up start-up costs, but let me assure you that spending money on the look of your business should not be the area you cut costs in.

At the beginning, it is hard to justify the costs of branding your business when you can just pay a friend to chuck something together for you in Microsoft Word. Please let me be the first to say do not do this because trust me, in the long run spending the money will be worth it.

Thing is, what is it that you actually need to start a business and how much is absolutely necessary? Below are 5 things that you need to build the foundation of your business:

1.?A logo

A strong and professional logo is so important. It will be the look of your business and how people perceive you. You know how the saying goes ‘first impressions last’? Well, it’s true. If you show up with a Comic Sans logo and a pixelated icon from the clip art library, well people will assume you are as professional as your logo portrays. You don’t want to fall into that trap. For more information on logos read ‘how much does a logo cost‘.

2. Branding

There is so much more to your business presence than a logo. Branding is just as, if not as important, as your logo itself. It’s your colours, your fonts, your tone of voice, how you are positioned amongst other competitors, how people perceive you and so much more. Don’t ever just settle for a logo, be sure to get this sorted at the start to stay as consistent as possible within the market.

3. Online Presence

Whatever you do, make sure you are ready to set up a website for your business because if you don’t have an online presence in this digital age – forget it.
Now in addition to this, social media is now your new best friend. This along with your website, are what will give your potential customers/clients a more in-depth look into your business. Today, in such a content-rich society, it allows them to see the day to day workings, first-hand experiences from other customers, reviews, general communication and updates of what goes on within your business in real time. The look of this is also important, again, more about this on our branding page.

4. Business Cards

A business card is just a good hard copy of the information about your business. It should be simple and straight to the point and basically lead your potential customers to your website for a more in-depth spiel about who you are and what you do. It is a great thing to have on hand because you never know who will ask for your service and where.

5. Signage

This can vary depending on your business. If you are a bricks and mortar store, then signage is right up there with your logo and branding. It all needs a continuity throughout and this is basically your name up in lights, you will probably pay good money to have it up there too, so make sure it looks good. In saying that, if you are a mobile service, for instance, a tradie, having truck/car signage is basically your businesses moving advertisement. A lot of people are going to see it, so make sure that it is clear, looks professional and makes people want to contact you.

All in all, be sure never to skimp on the important things because eventually you are going to need them and getting them done early is a really good start. If you look the part, people will know you are the part. You know what they say, ‘fake it ’til you make it’. Be sure to check out the services page to see what’s on offer.

If you have any questions or want to know more, click here and get in touch.

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