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Why it’s important to tell your brand story

Every direction we look these days we have people trying to jam some kind of marketing down our throats. What separates you from the next business out there trying to sell their product or service? Your story.

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People want more

We are now in the days where consumers are wanting more from brands, they want to know every intricate detail about them because people buy with their emotions. So, if you had the choice to choose from a local family business or a big franchised corporation, who would you buy from? I know that I would definitely support my local family run business. Now, why is that? It’s because you know part of their story, you know that your money is going to support the family, and won’t be funnelled into a multimillion-dollar corporation. People search for the human behind the brand, and something they can relate to on a personal level.

It’s important to let your customers/clients know who you are and what you stand for.

How did your business start? How long have you been in business? Tell them why you are so passionate about what you do, and why you want to show them your ways

Content marketing is booming, and as mentioned above, that’s because people want to know more about who they are buying from. A great example of this was in the news last year, with the big supermarket chains vs Australian dairy farmers (click here to read more). After the issue was brought to attention in the media, showing the hardships the dairy farmers were experiencing (including suicides and financial hardships), Australians rushed to their aid, boycotting the large corporations. It’s important to know why this happened, and it happened because people were shown a look in of what the story was and their emotions changed their purchasing behaviour.

Share your values

We always say this, but we’ll say it again. You will find people will align with you purely for what you stand for, and if they don?t, chances are they probably weren’t going to be the right fit for your business in the long run anyway. There are many agendas brands are aligning themselves to these days and it positions their reputation in the market, tread carefully, but stand true to what you believe in and back yourself for it. There are other ways brands align themselves to issues, for instance, you may find politics too risky to take part in, but choose to align yourself with a specific charity event or environmental issue. The possibilities are endless.

In the long run, telling your story can lead to strong brand loyalty. Take brands like Apple vs. Samsung, Coke vs. Pepsi and Woolworths vs. Coles, for instance, people choose to align themselves with a brand, and it’s always an emotional reason. It could be that it makes their lives easier, or that all their friends use the brand and they want to fit in. Either way, you have the potential to make your brand mean so much more than it already does regardless of your industry. So don’t be afraid to open up, friends know all about you and like you for all of your traits; consumers will do the same.

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