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Our Studio

We’re not your run-of-the-mill design studio. We’re a mirror of today’s vibrant, diverse society. We lean into culture, build genuine relationships with our clients, and truly understand the complexities of modern SMEs.

We’re built on honesty and authenticity. These aren’t just buzzwords for us; they’re at the core of every project we undertake. They transform a good creative solution into a damn great one. This transparency means you’ll always know where you stand with us.

Expect us to be straight with you, advocate for what we believe is right, but also remain open to diverse perspectives. After all, it’s collaboration that often sparks the most brilliant ideas.

That is and always will be the Your One and Only way. 

The Team

We’re more than just designers. We’re strategists, thinkers, and collaborators who get the unique challenges and opportunities scaling SMEs face. Unlike bigger, faceless agencies, our boutique studio approach means we genuinely get to know you and your business. We’re real people, helping other real people take their brand to the next level.

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Tara Ladd

Founder and Visual Brand Strategist

Samantha Geering

Studio Manager

Meet Tara: the brains and divergent thinker behind Your One and Only. No, she’s not just another visual brand strategist – she’s THE visual brand strategist who’s taken brands from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’, and got the street cred of working with big names like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Telstra, and Bupa to prove it. Ten years in the agency game, six years in her own gig, and still counting. Oh, and she didn’t just stop at design; she went full nerd, diving deep into media communications, behavioural neuroscience, consumer behaviour, and even snagged some top-tier knowledge from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania about neuroscience for business leadership. All this means she’s not just making things pretty – she’s crafting brands that get into your brain (in a good way). If you want to hear this in action, you can catch her hosting the Brand and Butter Podcast – where she spills the tea on all things brand and design psychology.

Step right up and meet the backbone of Your One and Only: the one, the only, Sam! As our Studio Manager, she’s the maestro orchestrating everything from client relations to resource wrangling and those standout collaborations. Need to chat? She’s your gal. With four solid years under her belt at YO&O, Sam’s truly found her groove here, ensuring every process is smoother than silk. But here’s a curveball – she started her career in the dental realm. Yep, 15 years making sure pearly whites shone their brightest. Transitioning to YO&O, she brought along her top-tier accounts, administration, and client management expertise. And the result? A seamless operation that has us thriving every single day. Dental’s loss, our gain.

So, why us?

Because we don’t just design. We give brands life. We’ve combined strategy, design, and a touch of rebellion to create solid brand identities for some of Australia’s standout SMEs. If you’re after a memorable brand that drives results and resonates with your audience, then hey friend, you’re in the right spot.

We mix strategy, research, and design psychology, to make brands that don't just sit — but stand out.

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